Building Physics is a detailed understanding of how a building operates under actual conditions, where the movement of heat, air, moisture and light are designed into the user’s experience.

We aim to enhance projects throughout the design process, from assessing the feasibility of innovative concepts, through to testing and developing designs to predicting the performance of completed buildings and components.

Our typical services include:

. Passive house design
. Renewable energy
. Thermal behaviour and moisture resistance
. Daylighting analysis
. Shading optimisation
. Internal and external solar glare
. Ventilation and airflow (CFD) analysis
. Emerging materials and technologies

We use a wide range of design tools, from engineering industry standards (Sefaira, IES-VE, Energy Plus + Ecotect) and the latest architectural parametric modelling tools (Rhino + Grasshopper), through to advanced or detailed software (CFD + Radiance + WUFI + Therm + PHPP + designPH) and performance wind tunnel testing.

Our Sustainable Design Consultancy represents a natural place for Inhabit. Working collaboratively with our clients and their design teams, we help develop sustainable design strategies for planning, compliance and high performance design specifically tailored to the project.

These are honed and supported throughout the design and construction process with leading edge support, to ensure that good intentions are delivered in practice.

Our typical services include:

. Rating, benchmarking and compliance
. Parametric design
. Environmental planning
. Material selection
. Building commissioning and post occupancy

We use a wide range of design tools, from architectural standards (Sefaira, Sketch up, Rhino + Revit) to the latest parametric modelling tools (Rhino + Grasshopper) to bring your sustainability goals to life!

The Passivhaus Standard is an international performance standard for the design and construction of energy efficient buildings, achieving wellbeing for occupants. Passivhaus buildings use very little energy because of the way they are designed and constructed. Grün Consulting, an Inhabit company, is a Passivhaus consultancy. Our services include:

. Ultra Low Energy Building Design
.  Feasibilities Studies and Cost-Benefit Analysis
.  Thermal Bridging Assessments
.  PHPP Assessments
. Material Procurement
. Passivhaus Certification
. Design Team and Contractor Education

Inhabit’s approach is focused on sustainable living through practical, performance design. We prioritise health, comfort and energy efficiency to help you deliver optimised architectural intent.

As the living, breathing ‘skin’ of the structure, our services prioritise the design of the façade and the complexities of performance, technology, aesthetic appeal, material selection, project budget and acoustic performance against the backdrop of meeting the sustainable design goals of the project.

Beyond the façade, our Architects, Scientists, Renewable Energy and Mechanical Engineers can also assist in creating sustainable design outcomes for your project. Working collaboratively, we can assist in planning, compliance, design and construction specifically tailored to the needs of your project, regardless of its location.