We are more than the traditional aspects of ‘sustainable design’. We integrate a range of skills and knowledge bases to provide a holistic specialism.

. Bioclimatic & tropical design
. Passivhaus & Very Low Carbon Buildings
. Net Zero & Carbon Neutral Developments
. Life Cycle Analysis & Embodied Carbon
. Climate Change Adaptation
. Strategy Development
. Carbon & Energy Modelling
. Thermal comfort
. Daylight and Internal Glare

This discipline is about using modelling and calculations to assess how the built environment interacts with weather and climate. Our methods range from hand calculation and generative methods during concept phase to detailed building performance and CFD modelling.

. Reflected glare

. Outdoor thermal comfort

. Air quality & comfort

. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

. Wind Engineering

Our Building Physics services combine our experience with facades and our deep technical understanding of fundamental building science. Our technical expertise covers concepts around light, heat, moisture, noise, wind, etc. We are detail-oriented and are comfortable working thorough the project lifecycle, from design, through construction, and post-occupancy.

. Moisture, mould and condensation
. Façade thermal performance
. Thermal Bridging

We believe the next generation of buildings must support the living systems that support us. 

Our objective is to demonstrate to our clients that any project can achieve its core purpose whilst respecting ecology and people on local, regional, and global scales.

We integrate a range of skills and knowledge bases to provide a holistic specialism. We have experience across the entire project lifecycle, with a focus on ideation, design, and continuing ownership through the construction phase for an as-built or operational outcome.

Our strong modelling and analysis skills enable us to optimise design. This often results in budget or programme savings, risk mitigation through tender and construction, smoother statutory and approvals processes.