Safe and effective façade access to the building envelope allows easy and regular maintenance which positively influences the user experience.

Inhabit has extensive technical knowledge and design experience in solving issues related to the access to all surfaces and services. Our tailored approach addresses design, specification and execution for maintenance including for:

. Building maintenance units
. Gantry systems
. Customized storage
. Monorails + suspended units
. Abseiling solutions
. Internal space solutions
. Special access cradles
. Glass replacement strategy
. Façade restraint solutions

Access and Maintenance, or more commonly termed ‘BMU Consultancy’, covers a broad array of service offerings that ensure an integrated solution is provided at the outset of a project and is fully coordinated with all disciplines.

The services provided can cover a multitude of scopes, such as external façades, interior façades, architectural features, signage and LED screens, multi-height voids and soffits, bridges and lift shafts.