About Us

Inhabit is a unique, multi-disciplinary team of professionals who design to improve the built environment for the benefit of people and nature. We are a collective of experienced architects, designers, engineers and contractors who work both independently and in partnership to form a holistic approach to the services that we offer. We believe that our respective areas of expertise can be integrated to allow seamless interdisciplinary synergy to create buildings that are more relevant to our evolving society.

Established in 2010, with offices across the Americas | Europe | Middle East | Asia Pacific, Inhabit has developed a diverse international body of work that includes partnerships with some of the most creative and celebrated architects around the world, resulting in a wealth of experience in different project types and scales.

We are focused on design-led consultancy, providing technical and comprehensive solutions that thoughtfully and creatively consider aesthetics, engineering, cost, procurement and sustainability driving towards a building that is sensitive and inspirational within its socio-cultural context. This perspective provides an opportunity to assess and reduce risk in the design at an early phase by completely exploring and testing concepts so that specified performance can be realised.


To be globally renowned for inspiring the next generation of sustainable buildings, today. To us it matters.


To make a contribution to future generations by connecting creatively to develop holistic solutions, for better quality lives, now and for the future.