Jason Gaekwad Technical Director | Building Physics + Sustainability, Melbourne

Based in the Melbourne office, Jason is responsible for the technical delivery of Inhabit’s Building Physics service. He is most in his element when challenging the norm, using his ever-expanding knowledge base to push the performance of a project beyond “best practice”.

Jason is a Chartered Engineer and Design Consultant with experience in leading teams and delivering projects across a range of specialist fields. His key disciplines include building physics, sustainable design, low-carbon buildings, policy, and project strategy. Specialising in advanced analysis, high–performance design, and as-built outcomes, Jason’s approach includes significant performance modelling and experimental experience.

With broad exposure to a variety of specialist disciplines throughout his career, he approaches the built environment holistically, seeing it as a complex system rather than as isolated components.

His current research interest (with Deakin University) is in human relationship to nature and perception of environment and place. These human aspects are missing from the built environment as designed and built today. He practices under the belief that the future will see a built environment that improves connection with nature, connection with place, and fosters human well–being.

Some of Jason’s most prominent projects include:

. Monash University Woodside Building for Technology and Design, Australia
. Queensland New Performing Arts Venue, Australia
. Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project, Australia
. Sunshine Coast University Hospital Australia
. Khalidya Park Outdoor Mall, United Arab Emirates
. South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, Australia
. Queensbridge Tower, Australia
. 27 Summit, Bengaluru, India