Peter Luo Office Manager, Chengdu

Peter is the Office Manager for the Chengdu office, responsible for Southwest China operations.

Peter has a formal education in civil engineering and more than 12 years’ experience in the façade construction industry. This experience includes working with a number of leading Chinese curtain wall contractors and international façade technology consultant companies. Across his career, Peter has worked with many international architects and façade experts.

Together with Inhabit’s local technical team, he contributes to the continuing development of good practice and high quality outcomes for façade engineering in the Southwest China region.

Some of Peter’s most prominent projects include:

.  T3A Navigation Building of New Capital Airport, Beijing, PRC
.  Olympic Convention Centre, Beijing, PRC
.  Dongzhimen Transportation Centre, Beijing, PRC
.  Shui On Chongqing Tiandi, Chongqing, PRC
.  China Resources MIXC, Chongqing, PRC
.  IFS, Hongxing Road, Chengdu, PRC
.  IFS, Chongqing, PRC
.  Yinshi Project, Chengdu, PRC