The façade is the civic face, the most democratic of elements. The building envelope through considered design directly influences the comfort and experience of each occupant.

Inhabit’s integrated approach to designing the building envelope with multiple design disciplines, involves collaborating closely with stakeholders to achieve a holistic and sustainable solution. Our consulting services include:

. Façade design to respond to architectural intent and stakeholder requirements
. 2D and 3D façade documentation
. Specialist advice throughout the project
. Advice on design, selection and specification of façades
. Construction phase peer reviews of documentation from façade contractors
. Visual Mock-up and Performance Prototype Testing review and oversight
. Site inspection services during construction

Our approach to the envelope is to look primarily at the vision that has been created by the building designer and to understand the story being told. In realising the concept, we develop a creative narrative to begin the process of delivering a technical solution to an architectural vision.

There are a number of factors our team takes in to consideration including aesthetics, structural and mechanical engineering, material science, procurement, fabrication and constructability.  Through a detailed understanding of these specialised areas, we are able to develop elegant and commercially viable solutions to architectural challenges that are constantly being refined. Such solutions can be established with the employment  of advanced design and engineering tools such as specifically enhanced software and 3D modelling, technology advancements in materials, and often simply by applying common sense design principles that have been rigorously tested over time.

Our philosophy is centred around finding solutions that cost less, last longer and make buildings more efficient. We are committed to collaboration with other like-minded designers, with the experience and knowledge to understand that successful collaboration will lead to a successful outcome.