We are a group of dedicated and talented designers from a diverse range of professional and cultural backgrounds. Passionate about the creative possibilities of light, we develop solutions that define, enhance or transform environments and buildings.

Our creativity is underpinned by practical experience, technical expertise and well defined processes and documentation, ensuring our work is correctly interpreted, installed and maintained. Combining extensive knowledge of lighting control systems, construction processes and end user needs, gained through years of practical ‘in-market’ experience, we offer a comprehensive, end-to-end consultancy and creative service.

Our Stage and Theatre design team are highly experienced and provide expertise for designing lighting systems to suit both corporate and entertainment venues,  including:  theatrettes, nightclubs, performing arts complexes, product launches, fashion shows, exhibition spaces, hotel ballrooms and other bespoke performance-based installations.

We offer complete service for stage and theatre lighting design service, including: planning, luminaire and fitting selection, power, cable management and reticulation, hanging and support, scenography layouts, lighting control and communications distribution.

Our detailed knowledge of the latest technologies and systems is underpinned by an intuitive insight into the practical requirements necessary for a successful installation.

We are client focussed, fun to work with, and use our creative talents to explore and provide tailored designs that result in excellent outcomes and enhance the visual experience.

Our lighting design team is driven by highly experienced and creative designers who are passionate about developing unique and innovative designs that enhance the visual environment and the impact of light on the quality of our surroundings.

We work collaboratively with clients and other designers to generate exciting and interesting visual experiences that help define the core characteristics of the overall design. We believe that our work adds value to projects through our ability to use light.

Our designs are technically robust and demonstrate a responsible attitude towards our environment, maintenance, budget and programme. We have created lighting solutions that span the spectrum from private residences to public arenas, art galleries and landscapes to multi-storey towers.

Quality of light plays a vital role in the success of projects and we seek to deliver our creativity in ways that augment the architecture and enhance the visual experience of every project with which we are involved.