Rainbow City Sales Gallery

Rainbow City is located in the inner ring of Shanghai’s Hongkou District. The area has a long history and is currently undergoing urban regeneration with easy access to the Lujiazui Central Business District and Pudong Business District via four subway lines and two tunnels Rainbow City will be renewed as a fashionable urban living center. It is an integrated community comprising office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, cultural and entertainment facilities and residential properties with a total GFA of 1.72 million square meters.

The Sales Gallery will celebrate the success of Shui On Group in this district and will showcase the development of this mix-use property.

The latest façade design of the Sales Gallery is based on the theme of nature, and the whole façade is wrapped in the shadow of trees. Thus, the impression of light and shadow in the woods at dusk is reflected in the façade lighting design. The light fixtures are hidden behind the tree-shaped curtain wall, and the light rises up to gently polish the side of the tree trunk. The light that falls on the black perforated curtain wall at the back side is like a light-stained mist in the forest, twisting between the shadows of the trees. The shape of the tree is interpreted in the form of shadow, subtle and intriguing.

The entrance of the gallery is composed of two L-shaped canopies with staggered heights, and the light-transmitting lucite facade becomes the visual focal point of the entrance. At night, light pours out evenly from behind the lucite, like a brightly lit house in the forest welcoming visitors. The side walls and top of the main entrance on the right are evenly illuminated by fixtures hidden in the ground, creating a visual balance between the two sides of the entrance. The depth of the entrance is then naturally presented, and together with the interior light, invites the pedestrian to visit.

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