Inhabit supporting the Australian Passive House Association (APHA)

The Australian Passive House Association (APHA) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote Passive House principles to the wider community, including consumers, building practitioners and industry professionals.

“We believe that a move toward passive design principles, and in particular air tightness in buildings, represents the future of Australian design. Inhabit’s position of supporting the APHA is the first step ensuring this energetic team of enthusiasts remain in focus and continue to have a voice in our industry.”

Darren O’Dea, Principal – Building Physics

With rising concern over the impact of climate change and more demanding legislative requirements being introduced, expectations in relation to the built environment and the increasing demands on design quality are driving the adoption of proactive processes that redefine building design. Focused on the energy efficiency of our buildings, Passive House design principles provide optimal internal comfort, wellbeing, energy efficiency and return on investment.

Known more widely as the ‘Passivhaus’ standard, a design and construction methodology common across Europe and the United States of America, the framework provided via the APHA represents a new and exciting opportunity for Australian buildings to attain the next level of comfort and performance.

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