Xuekun Qian to address Façade China 2023 Conference

Executive Director and Founding Partner Xuekun Qian was interviewed by Façade China on 19th of September. Façade China is the organizer of large façade expo and conference in China. The purpose of the expo and conference is to introduce latest architectural technologies and high-quality projects to façade designers, architects and developers. Xuekun is invited to provide a speech at the coming event in March 2023 in Guangzhou.

During the interview, Xuekun discussed about low carbon design related to façade industry, especially the embodied carbon in façade materials and construction. China is facing a target to achieve carbon neutral by 2060. But there is very limited information or guidance on how to reduce the carbon emissions in façade design. Inhabit has done a lot of research in this area in Australia and Europe, and is looking for opportunities to introduce these kind of services to China. Xuekun accepted Façade China’s invitation to give a speech on this topic in detail in the coming Façade China 2023 Conference.