Webinar Event: “Want to learn more about Passive House?”

Webinar Event, Melbourne, Australia: Want to learn more about Passive House?

Australian Architects Declare is hosting the event “Passive House Heroes Break Ground” on Wednesday 10th June at 6:30pm (AEST) as part of its webinar series discussing practical measures to address the Climate Emergency, now.

Inhabit as a signatory member to Australian Engineers Declare is pleased to announce that Clare Parry from Grün Consulting (an Inhabit Company) and Simon Topliss of Jackson Clements Burrows Architects will be discussing in detail, the design thinking, challenges, and achievements that the Gillies Hall project underwent as part of the journey that Monash University is undertaking for their Net Zero Initiative by 2030. Gillies Hall is currently Australia’s largest Passive House Institute certified building.

Listen to a recording of the webinar: