Unmasking the Façade with Gautam Bhasin

On Sunday, 5th July 2020 Gautam Bhasin, Regional Manager – India, was interviewed by Aluplex founder and managing director Navin Keswani as part of ZAK World of Façades Unmasking the Façade series.

Aluplex is the leading company in India for the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of architectural façade systems. Navin Keswani is a pioneer of the Indian façade industry and has been awarded the President’s Udyog Rattan Award by the President of India, for his excellence in the design of aluminium windows.

In a lively, hour-long interview Gautam is quizzed on his decision to study architecture, his early career with Arup and his move to join Inhabit. He then shares some personal and family photos and anecdotes of his travels.

Gautam also discusses some of the complex and interesting projects he has worked on including The Unilever Headquarters and Menara Astra Headquarters and the Pertamina Energy Tower in Jakarta. This is followed by a discussion on the state of the construction industry in India with reference to façade design and construction.

Listen to the interview: https://youtu.be/shkWRCeXUm0