Panda Base Sightseeing Watchtower

Recently, Panda Base Sightseeing Watchtower was successfully completed. This tower is located inside Chengdu Panda Base, the world’s top research base for giant panda and biodiversity conservation and covers a total area of 3,570 acres (1,444 ha). The newly completed sightseeing tower is 69.8m high. The whole building looks like “bamboo shoots breaking the ground” overlooking the whole park.

The façade of the tower is covered by 720 arch-shaped steel beams clad with aluminium with different shapes and sizes. The tower crown is equipped with an opening and closing system, which allows the arch-shaped beams to be opened and closed in two minutes at specific events or holidays, reflecting the design concept of “spring bamboo shoots breaking the ground and blooming”, creating a stunning visual experience.

The Watchtower is designed by Atelier Alpha of UDG. Inhabit provided façade design consultancy service as well as support during construction stage. Inhabit assisted the architect in the parametric study and carrying out engineering of the arc-shaped beams that cover the whole façade.

Xuekun Qian“The arc-shaped beams are very large with maximum length over 12m, and the orientation varies along the façade. So installation of these beams was carried out with great difficulties. Inhabit developed a special bracketry and connection system, which allowed the contractor to adjust angles and dimensions on site and insure the high quality and efficiency of installation.”
Xuekun Qian, Founding Partner and Executive Director, Shanghai

Another special point of this project is using large amount of GRP material on the façade. This material not only perfectly fits the complicated doubly curved surface, but also greatly reduces the joints on the façade, and provides a highly integrated appearance.

Under the macro background of promoting high-quality development with ecological civilization, the completed sightseeing watchtower of Chengdu Panda Base has become a city-level, influential landscape landmark. In the future, Inhabit will also provide more high-quality professional technical services, following the trend of the times and integrating the concept of green architectures.

Special thanks to Zeng Zi from Atelier Alpha of UDG.

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