Lumina Guangzhou

As one of the first projects of the “Star/Lumina” brand of Henderson Land Group, Guangzhou Henderson Centre (Starworld International Commercial Center) is located in Haizhu Square, the heart of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, with a view of the Zhujiang River.

It consists of two office buildings and a podium mall. The project aims to explore a new, integrated commercial development model that integrates transportation, nature and culture by connecting the underground commercial space with the metro system to channel people into the old city business district to explore the surrounding commercial potential.

At the same time, the project will make full use of the existing landscape conditions to create special spaces such as the Zhujiang River Viewing Retreat Garden and the Rooftop Wedding Garden to activate the commercial value of the site. The project establishes a good dialogue with the heritage buildings on the site, exploring the historical value of the site and becoming a link between the past and the future in the city. The project is a two-star green building design and has been declared a LEED green building, actively promoting sustainable building.

The curvature and wavy design of the building, with horizontal cladding features and designed with recessed platforms, is to synchronize with the river letting it become part of the river. While Yuexiu district is an old district, this modern and yet unique shaped architecture gives the district a new image and brings new life to the city outline.

The main façade systems include unitized curtain wall system, stick system, glass fins system, skylight etc. with a total of 14 different façade systems. The south tower from the 8th storey and above make use of large modular unitized system with structure glazing. The spandrel area is installed with aluminium cladding hooking panels, curve portion and formed with segmented panels.

The fundamental outline of the building shape is unique in that the glass façade is enhanced with horizontal features that stand out to give the building its identity. The waviness following the flow of river gives a strong character to the building façade design.

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