Clare Parry Director, Grün Consulting, Melbourne

Clare is the founder and a director of Grün Consulting, an Inhabit company and a Passivhaus and sustainability consultancy.

She has had a lifelong interest in best practice building design, involving a holistic approach to achieve sustainable measures and provide a better option in the longer term, both for the client and the environment. Clare’s focus is on building performance, and she works extensively with the Passivhaus standard. Her work as a sustainability consultant and mechanical engineer has involved experience as a Certified Passivhaus Designer, Trainer and Building Certifier, LEED AP, Green Star AP, WELL AP, NABERS and CBD Assessor.

In 2011 Clare founded the Australian Passive House Association and has been involved as a Director until late 2017. She is one of the first Certified Passivhaus Designers in Australia, and one of only two Passivhaus Certifiers. She is also a certified Passivhaus trainer.

Some of Clare’s most notable projects are:

. Gillie Hall, Frankston, Australia
. Brickworks Retail Centre, Melbourne, Australia
. Bendigo Soldiers’ Memorial Institute, Bendigo, Australia
. Sweet and Roper Wings Redevelopment, Melbourne, Australia
. Wade Institute for Entrepreneurship, Melbourne, Australia
. Younghusbands Woolstore Redevelopment, Melbourne, Australia
. Bellbrae House, Bellbrae, Austalia
. Opus House, Gold Coast, Australia