NABERS & Commercial Building Disclosure

From the 1st November 2011, when you are going to sell, lease or sublease a space over 2000m2, a full Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) will need to be disclosed. As this is now a legal requirement, it is important to be organised and ready.

Here are a few things to remember:

Give yourself enough time – often it can take months to complete a rating due to the details and correspondence that are required, including up to a month for your NABERS energy rating and tenancy light rating to be reviewed by DCCEE.

Get the paperwork organised – completing a NABERS rating and tenancy light assessment requires a lot of paperwork. If all documents cannot be located, this may slow the process, adding cost and inconvenience. Required documents include:

.  Copies of utility bills for the last 12 months
.  Valid NLA surveys
.  Floor plans for the building
.  Service drawings including single line diagrams and electrical switchboard layout
.  Lease documents
.  Details of any area that were vacant during the 12 month rating period
.  Hours of service and/or hours of occupancy
.  Logs of after-hour air condition requests
.  Access to the building, including the plant room, electrical switchboard, utility meters and relevant tenancies
.  Keep all the documentation in one place, ready for use when required

This will ensure your Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) assessments can be completed in a timely manner and enable you to meet your disclosure obligations.

For detailed enquiries, please feel free to contact:
Melbourne – Darren O’Dea  +61 3 8669 2777
Sydney – Samantha Anderson  +61 2 8003 6333