Jovi Wong presents at CABE seminar

Jovi Wong, Regional Manager | Hong Kong + Macau, last week presented to a Continuing Professional Development Seminar organised by the Hong Kong Chapter of CABE, the Chartered Association of Building Engineers.

The seminar was on the topic Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA):​​​​​​​ Reducing Costs and Improving Quality in Construction Design.

DFMA is a methodology used in construction design to optimise the ease and efficiency of manufacturing and assembly processes. By designing buildings and structures with construction and assembly in mind, architects and engineers can reduce construction costs and improve construction quality.

Jovi’s presentation provided an overview of the DFMA process and highlighted its benefits for construction design. He also highlighted emerging trends and opportunities in DFMA, encouraging seminar attendees to explore these in their own projects.

Kyran Sze, Chairman of CABE Hong Kong Chapter, thanked Jovi for the presentation and presented him with a certificate of appreciation (pictured top left).