Inhabit’s Australian team attends Cultural Competency program

In another step on Inhabit’s Reconciliation journey, team members from all four Australian offices travelled to the Country of the Wangal people of the Dharug Tribe to attend a Cultural Competency program at the KARI Foundation.

The Foundation works with community to create meaningful points of connection to share Aboriginal culture and achievement. Engaging with the KARI Foundation helps to support their work within the Indigenous community.

Troy Dargan, Cultural Unit Manager, and Beau Champion, Head of Partnerships took the team through training modules covering Aboriginality, traditional tools, weapons and artefacts, and Impacts of Colonisation. Inhabit has developed a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) formalising the company’s commitment to advancing reconciliation.

Inhabit’s Reflect RAP has received conditional endorsement from Reconciliation Australia, with finalisation of the Plan imminent.

Commenting on the cultural awareness program, Associate and RAP Champion Gemma Ambrosio said:

“Our day with KARI Foundation was of great benefit to our RAP Working Group. Beau and Troy led us through the various training modules, which were enlightening and, at times, confronting. The stories Troy and Beau were able to share with us provided valuable insights into traditional and current cultural practices, challenges faced and those which are still present. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with Kari Foundation as we continue on our Reconciliation journey.”

The Wangal people of the Dharug Tribe are the Traditional Custodians of the Country where the training took place.