Inhabit Reconciliation Action Plan endorsed by Reconciliation Australia

Inhabit’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has been officially endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. Based around the core pillars of relationships, respect and opportunities, RAPs provide tangible and substantive benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, increasing economic equity and supporting Indigenous self-determination.

Reconciliation Australia’s RAP Framework provides organisations with a structured approach to advance reconciliation. Inhabit’s RAP was developed by a working group with representatives from all four Australian offices led by Melbourne Associate Gemma Ambrosio. Inhabit’s RAP Working Group is responsible for the development, implementation and reporting phases of the plan.

The artwork for the RAP document (pictured left) was illustrated by Rhonda Sampson a proud Kamilaroi woman who lives on Dharawal country in South Western Sydney. The artwork, entitled “Paving Pathways”, is a visual representation of the beginning of Inhabit’s reconciliation journey. The colours applied within the artwork compliment the colours used within Inhabit’s branding and each element within the artwork has significant meaning, combining to form the overall

As part of Inhabit’s Reconciliation journey, in September team members from all four Australian offices travelled to the Country of the Wangal people of the Dharug Tribe to attend a Cultural Competency program at the KARI Foundation. The Foundation works with community to create meaningful points of connection to share Aboriginal culture and achievement. Engaging with the KARI Foundation helps to support their work within the Indigenous community.

Gemma Ambrosio comments:

“As a company, one of our ultimate goals is the creation of current and future employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians within Inhabit. Through the process of creating the RAP, we have already learnt that there is an under-representation of Indigenous students enrolled within the engineering field at university, which adds to this challenge. Therefore, we understand we will need to engage with First Nations children earlier on in the education system to help facilitate an increase of university graduates in this field.”

This is a central and progressive step in Inhabit’s Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

Click here to download the Inhabit RAP.

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