Inhabit Lighting Designers participate in Ilight Singapore

This month two of Inhabit’s lighting designers from Singapore are participating in Ilight Singapore, a lighting design festival organized by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), South East Asia.

Singapore Lighting Design Manager Emanuela Stucchi and Lighting Designer Chloe Fung, both ILAD Associates, were invited to be part of panel discussions for the festival.

The festival is a collaborative effort by members of IALD Southeast Asia to reconnect people face to face with iLight artists and ILAD designers. It includes light tours to the National Gallery Singapore and Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay, networking sessions, lighting workshops and installations by Wei Lieh and Ann Sun.

Light Forum is a curated series of talks, tours and workshops that will take place on weekends throughout the Festival. Featuring professionals from the art, design, and sustainability fields, these informative and interactive sessions offer visitors a deeper understanding of the festival’s artworks and related topics such as lighting design and sustainability.

On June 4th 2022 Chloe Fung was the Moderator of a Seminar (pictured above left) with Aleksandra Stratimirovic, OUCHHH, Ping Lim, and Ian Grossberg who discussed their work as an expression of the excesses of consumption, and a commentary on circularity.

On June 11th 2022 Emanuel Stucchi will join IALD panelists from other lighting consultancy firms to discuss their journey as lighting designers. Emanuela will focus on the recent Light to Night Festival light art installation “Fragment of a shoreline” with Akai and Space Anatomy in Singapore and Inhabit’s J Hotel lighting design project in Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China.

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