Inhabit + Grün Consulting

Melbourne, Australia:

Inhabit is pleased to advise that as a leading provider of design led engineering services to the built environment, it has acquired Grün Consulting, an Australian based sustainability consulting firm specialising in the Passivhaus standard and regenerative design.

As part of its commitment to providing buildings that are relevant to society, Inhabit will draw on the knowledge and expertise of Grün to provide our mutual customers with the latest expertise on sustainability and the environmental, social and economic benefits this can deliver. Having a focus on sustainability is an imperative for the built environment, and particularly in challenging environments such as those faced in Australia and Asia.

Inhabit took the decision to enter into a closer partnership with Grün because of the heightened interest in design led sustainable solutions by both society and our clients. The two entities will continue to be known separately for their key areas of strength, with Inhabit integrating Grün’s expertise into its key services allowing better depth and value. Conversely, Grün will benefit from Inhabit’s structure, systems and scale of projects, globally.

In particular, Inhabit sees the potential for Grün’s globally recognised expertise in Passivhaus as able to directly influence positive outcomes to our key clients. More sustainably designed buildings can deliver significant savings in the operation and maintenance of buildings. This sustainability outlook is supported by the recent announcement from the Green Building Council of Australia  (GBCA) that it will promote Passivhaus, shows the increasing importance of such expertise in the Australian market.

Clare Parry of Grün, who will be relocating to the Melbourne office of Inhabit, comments:

“I’m excited about bringing my expertise to Inhabit’s clients, further integrating the concepts of health, wellbeing and ultra-high performance to the built environment. We look forward to introducing ‘Net Zero’ – zero emissions carbon – thinking to more projects, and on a larger scale. Net Zero, including consideration of embodied energy, is the ultimate expression of ultra-high performance building design, and the Passivhaus methodology can be applied holistically to any building typology, in any climate. The benefits at the occupant level for a well designed, net zero building, can be substantively measured by improved productivity, wellbeing and overall satisfaction.”

Tony Alvaro, Inhabit’s Chief Executive Officer said:

“From Inhabit’s perspective, Clare’s reputation within the industry and projects is something we’ve come across for many years. I’m excited at the breadth of vision and her enthusiasm to share this with us and I look forward to the benefits this new relationship will bring both businesses.”

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