Inhabit enters partnership with Egis

Melbourne, Australia: On May 31st 2019, Inhabit entered into a partnership with Egis, Europe’s leading consulting and engineering firm, to form a design-led consulting group with a global capability.

Egis and Inhabit made the following joint statement:

“Both firms are delighted to announce Egis’ investment of a majority interest in Inhabit. The complementary geographic footprints and design skills of each firm provide an incredible platform for multi-skill collaboration.

The immediate strengths of the partnership are:

. Complementary façade design skills with Elioth, also part of the Egis group, allowing the team to become one of the world’s leading specialized engineering firms
. The creation of an uninterrupted service chain ranging from early conceptual design, right through to delivery and construction guarantees
. Detailed knowledge of local markets, regulations and client partners in the world’s major cities
. The continuing growth of services to provide ambitious environmental and low-carbon design at both city and building scales.

Tony Alvaro, Chief Executive Officer of Inhabit, comments:

“This partnership is in line with our strategic plan to build on the strength of our service offering while maintaining our commitment to quality, innovation and value in everything we do. Egis is a highly regarded consulting and engineering business that will provide Inhabit with continued access to projects that are best in the field and technically interesting, whilst enabling our team greater access to global opportunities. The complimentary geographic footprints and design and engineering skills of each firm provide an incredible platform for multi-skilled collaboration.”

Thomas Salvant, Executive Director – Buildings at Egis says:

“Egis has been looking into expansion of building design activities in South-East Asia for some time, as can be seen through the recent integration of Hong Kong based architectural firm 10 Design.  This strategic partnership presents us with a fantastic opportunity to combine our complementary skills to further enrich our work in the fields of façade design, specialized engineering and environmental design”

Will “Inhabit” change its name or will there be co-branding?
We are very proud of our brand, reputation and credibility in the industry and as a result will remain Inhabit. It may be appropriate for some sectors and with specific complimentary synergies to co-brand.

Will the leadership structure change?
The current business structure which has allowed Inhabit to become a successful company will be preserved. The leadership will remain unchanged and will be linked to the larger Egis Group by a new Board of Directors focused on future growth.

How will the partnership impact the existing clientele?
Inhabit’s business will remain unchanged with our continued focus on working closely with our clients to deliver specialist, design-led engineering solutions.

Does this partnership imply an exclusive tender relationship for future project opportunities with other architects/engineers?
Both firms plan to maintain relationships with our respective strategic partner consultants in the various locations and to combine skills in opportunities where they are appropriate and geographically relevant.

About Egis
Imagine, create and achieve a sustainable future.

At Egis, our 14,850 people are dedicated to supporting energy, ecology, digital and territorial transition to shape tomorrow’s world.

We draw on our capacity for innovation and our ability to transform ideas into solutions that are tangible, operational and pertinent for our clients all over the world.

Our assignments lead us to operate in a wide range of domains addressing the major challenges of the planet, such as transport, buildings, water, the environment, energy, urban development and mobility services. To deliver them, we call upon a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from the design of infrastructure to its operation, also including consulting, turnkey delivery and project structuring.

Egis is a 75%-owned subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, with the remaining 25% held by partner executives and employees. The Group generated 1.13 billion Euros of managed revenue in 2018.

About Inhabit
Inhabit is a unique, multi-disciplinary team of professionals who are passionate about making a positive contribution to our built environment. A collective of experienced architects, designers, engineers and contractors, Inhabit work both independently and in partnership to form a holistic approach to the services that they offer.

Established in 2010, with offices across Asia Pacific, the Middle East and UK, Inhabit has developed a diverse international body of work that includes partnerships with some of the most creative and celebrated architects around the world, resulting in a wealth of experience in different project types and scales.

Inhabit is focused on design-led engineering, providing technical and comprehensive solutions that thoughtfully and creatively consider aesthetics, engineering, cost, procurement and sustainability for a building that is sensitive and inspirational.

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