Inhabit Directors present at China Façade Expo 2023

The 2023 China Façade Expo was held in Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China, from April 6th to 9th 2023. Inhabit Executive Directors Qian Xuekun and Dr. Shao Changjian, were invited as speakers to present at two technical forums held at the same time.

In their lecture, they shared Inhabit’s profound engineering experience and strategic thinking with thousands of peers from the Chinese construction industry.

Dr. Shao Changjian presented in the “12th China Facade Safety Summit Forum” on April 7th, on the subject of ‘Hazards and Prevention of Falling Ice from High Building Facades‘. He has conducted research and analysis on the frequent problem of building curtain wall icing in China in recent years, calling on the entire industry to pay attention to the existing safety hazards, and proposed some practical and feasible solutions.

China Façade Web provided a comprehensive report on this forum activity, with the following link:

Mr. Qian Xuekun attended the forum at Facade China: Challenging Sustainable Building Curtain Walls’ on April 8th, and gave a speech titled ‘Facade Design and Carbon Emissions’. He introduced the concepts, principles, and influencing factors of embodied carbon and operational carbon emission in curtain wall design, and shared some case studies from Inhabit to provide a clear and intuitive explanation of the impact of curtain wall design and material selection on carbon emissions.

The forum report can be read at the link: