Inhabit Acoustics Dubai win 5-year contract

Inhabit Acoustics Dubai has been awarded a 5-year contract for the Riyadh City Royal Commission into the study of environmental noise in the region. The team is working with a local environmental provider (Envirozone Saudi Arabia) and an equipment supplier from Denmark (Envirosuite).

The study will involve the installation of 30 environmental noise monitors and 3 mobile devices across various parts of the city and each area will be reported monthly. It also involves the generation of city-wide noise maps and will culminate in an online portal to allow both private and public partners keep a track of the active noise in the city

The Study aims to develop standards for all facets of noise in the city and Inhabit will directly be creating the standards for noise control for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that are likely to be invoked throughout the region. It will then be used to train local representatives in all matters of noise control and abatement and establish the new Riyadh City Royal Commission Environmental Noise department.

Gerald Stewart, Principal | Acoustics, will lead the Project, supported by Vishal Joy, Laurence Lyster and the Dubai team.

Riyadh has witnessed a rapid population growth where its population is currently estimated at 6.9 m people and it is expected to reach 8.3 m people. This rapid growth was accompanied by urban expansion where Riyadh city’s neighborhoods now number 130, with different transport modalities in the city such as cars, buses, and other types of transport. In addition, this urban expansion led to lack of green areas within neighborhoods and along roads and sidewalks, in addition to the industrial development witnessed by the city.

Those factors led to an increased level of noise in the city. Noise pollution is considered one of the most important environmental issues, and it leads to several adverse impacts such as anxiety, tension, and others.

This project aims to review, check and approve data of noise levels and sources in Riyadh, preparing measuring indicators of noise levels, as well as developing a website and an application for reviewing data and information of noise levels and sources for all Riyadh residents in order to raise the environmental awareness related to noise pollution and sources, and providing researchers with data and information in relation to noise issue in Riyadh city.

Further enquiries: Gerald Stewart, Principal | Acoustics (Dubai) on

The team is pictured above, from left: Vishal Joy, Laurence Lyster and Gerald Stewart. Photo: Ales Vyslouzil Photograpy.