Gautam Bhasin to moderate at ZAK WOF 100th Edition

Gautam Bhasin, Regional Director | India, will moderate a panel discussion at ZAK World of Façades India, the international conference series’ 100th Edition.

Panelists Ananya Gandotra, Head of Design at Birla estate, and Dinesh Dubey, Chief Operating Officer – West India at Prestige Group, will discuss Smart, Informed Procurement: Supply Chain and Market Challenges. The questions they will address are:
. Is the role of the design team dove-tailed to be more collaborative and less confrontational?
. Is the design process structured for innovation and brainstorming leading to an optimum procurement strategy?
. Does performance-driven value generally get placed higher than pure cost?
. Is program often well designed to cater to timely procurement and completion of the project?
. Can sustainability or carbon be a voluntary consideration in design and procurement?

ZAK World of Façades India will be held on 14th October 2022 at ITC Maratha, Mumbai, India.