Elissa Stirling to moderate at ZAK World of FAÇADES

Elissa Stirling, Regional Manager | Victoria, will moderate a panel discussion at ZAK World of Façades Australia in Melbourne on February 16th 2023.

The panel will consider the topic Designing Low Carbon Façades For a More Sustainable Future including:

. Moving beyond operational carbon and looking at embodied carbon
. How embodied carbon is now being counted and calculated
. Balancing carbon spent in building versus savings in service
. Designing buildings with low carbon strategies and materials to reduce embodied carbon
. How can the existing code and standard aide low carbon design?
. Current status quo of the Australian market on embodied carbon approach and the way forward

The panelists are Samantha Peart, Global Head of Sustainability, Hassell, Simeon Lloyd, Senior Design Manager, Multiplex, and Tom Dean, National Carbon Planning Director, Slattery.

For more information about ZAK World of Façades Australia visit https://facades.melbourne.