DTS Facade Designer: Training Webinars, 28th & 29th June 2016

In February of this year, Inhabit released a number of free design tools, including the DTS Façade Designer for the Australian market. 4 months later, we are ecstatic that we have registered over 1,100 users on the tool and the numbers continue to grow!

Due to popular demand, we’re holding a series of training workshops focused on the different climate zones that the DTS tool can adapt too. During these interactive workshops, we will illustrate first hand how the tool can be used, and provide climate specific solutions.

Session A:
Warm to Hot

Webinar Date:
Tuesday 28th June 2016, Midday (AEST)
Webinar Host:
Samantha Anderson, Senior Building Physics Engineer, Sydney

Australian Climate Zones City Focus
1 Hot humid summer, warm winter
2 Warm humid summer, mild winter
3 Hot dry summer, warm winter
4 Hot dry summer, cool winter
5 Warm temperate

Session B
Cool to Mild

Webinar Date:
Wednesday 29th June 2017, Midday (AEST)
Webinar Host:
Jessica Hogg, Senior Building Physics Engineer, Melbourne

Australian Climate Zones City Focus
6 Mild temperate
7 Cool temperate
8 Alpine

Available for free on this website, the DTS Façade Designer aims to engage in façade design via a more intuitive, easy to use platform. Taking you through a more streamlined process, it is now possible to rapidly assess your façade design strategy against Section J in as little as 60 seconds!

Moving away from the traditional approach of a spreadsheet based exercise limited to engineers, we believe this new process opens the door to façade performance to architects, façade designers academia across to fabricators and builders also looking to engage on this subject.