CSR, University of Melbourne & Inhabit gain $3 Million Australian Federal Government CRC-P Grant

Melbourne, Australia:

Inhabit is pleased to announce that it will be working in collaboration with CSR (ASX:CSR /) and The University of Melbourne to carry out research on CSR’s new high performance panelised façade system.

Alongside CSR’s investment of more than $3 million AUD, this partnership has also been recognised by the Australian Federal Government’s Co-operative Research Centres Programme (CRC-P) grant scheme with a further $3 million AUD to be delivered to the joint venture over the next 3 years.

CSR are planning to manufacture a new generation of advanced, prefabricated unitised facades for the commercial, institutional and multi-level residential construction sectors in Australia. The program aim is to be locally researched, tested and manufactured in Australia with direct contributions to the Australian economy though industry growth and employment.

This will result in a quality product providing a superior forming façade with quality control inherent to the process, allowing easy replication over different projects. The system will provide architects with flexibility in panel build up to achieve aesthetic variation, whilst ensuring underlying performance isn’t compromised. An additional strength of this approach is the development of a modulised fitment system that will allow easier buildability for builders.

Inhabit will be providing expert industry input into the research and sustainability advice in relation to the thermal, acoustic, structural and fire performance of the panels. This partnership will span from 2017 to 2019.

Inhabit look forward to contributing to a product which will assist with providing a locally manufactured, quality product to the Australian market.

All enquiries in relation to the above can be directed to: Tony Alvaro, Chief Executive Officer, tony.alvaro@inhabitgroup.com, Gemma Craig, Senior Façade Engineer, gemma.craig@inhabitgroup.com and Darren O’Dea, Principal – Building Physics (ESD), darren.odea@inhabitgroup.com.