COVID-19 response from Inhabit

Last updated 2nd April 2020, 20:10 AEST.

With the COVID-19 situation rapidly evolving globally, Inhabit’s senior management have been in constant discussion about the response that is in the best interests of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our people, their families and our clients. This has been our highest priority.

Business Response
From our perspective, it’s business as usual, albeit with working remote arrangements in place for various offices. Delivery of services to our clients and stakeholders is continuing as needed and required. In addition, we are drawing on the experiences of our Hong Kong and China offices who were the first to successfully manage this situation from early February 2020. Our leadership teams around the world continue to convene regularly via video conferencing and internal communications with ongoing coordination of the company’s response to the situation as it changes.

Our employees
We continue to monitor the advice of the Health Authorities in the jurisdictions we operate in, and are providing our employees with the latest advice on symptoms, health hygiene and self-care strategies on a daily basis. Where necessary, actions that are relevant to the office or individuals specifically are actioned with the local office leader and the management team.

Travel Restrictions
Inhabit ceased all work-related international and domestic/national flight travel until further notice on 18th March 2020, for our employees’ health, safety and well-being. We have requested our staff to refer to their local travel advisories or authorities for current updates prior to, whilst and returning from any personal travel. We have taken a strong position of impressing on employees their responsibilities in maintaining these restrictions into their own personal life to help in this collective challenge we all face.

Inhabit has no known nor reported cases of COVID-19 amongst our staff.

The below summarises our office status:

  • Europe – Our London (UK), Paris (France) teams are working remotely, in accordance to government directives.
  • Middle East – The Doha (Qatar) and Dubai (UAE) offices are following government directives and have transitioned to working remotely.
  • Hong Kong SAR – In Hong Kong and Macau it is business as usual. Offices returned to work in early March and continue to deliver services to our clients in Asia. The Hong Kong Office remains fully operational, some staff working remotely based on each individuals’ circumstance.
  • China – Across Inhabit’s Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Shanghai offices, it is business as usual. Offices returned to work in early March and continue to deliver services to our clients in Asia.
  • India – As per government directive, our Mumbai office has transitioned to working remotely.
  • South East Asia – The Singapore (Singapore) offices remains operational, with a split of staff working alternate days as a precautionary measure. Our Jakarta (Indonesia) and Bangkok (Thailand) offices as per government directive have transitioned to working remotely from 25th March 2020.
  • Australia – In Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne as per government directive, for social distancing our Australian offices have transitioned to working remotely.
  • New Zealand – Our Auckland team is working remotely, as per government directive.

We continue to monitor the situation regularly and, as our response continues to evolve, this statement will be updated as required.

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