Brisbane team volunteers at FareShare

This week members of Inhabit’s Brisbane team volunteered at FareShare, an Australian non-for-profit food rescue organisation that operates Australia’s largest charity kitchens.

FareShare’s mission is to cook delicious, free meals from rescued, and donated ingredients to improve the lives of Australians in hardship. FareShare’s vision is for a society where everyone has access to a nutritious meal every day. In 2022, FareShare cooked 4 million meals in the Brisbane kitchen since powering up the ovens in 2018.

On Monday 31st October 2022 seven team members were briefed on food-handling safety and kitchen protocols, then joined two chefs in one of the kitchens to do food preparation tasks including chopping sweet potato, preparing meal, packaging and sealing vegetable soup.

It was a great combination of everyone working hard for the good of others and a great team-building exercise enjoyed by all. Under the guidance of experienced chefs, our Inhabit Brisbane team worked together to have prepared 1,385 nutritious meals for those in need at the end of our shift.

Business Support Adminsitrator Julia Bai comments:

“We all had a great time participating in the afternoon shift at The FareShare Kitchen in Brisbane. Their kitchen operates organically by using surplus ingredients, storing them, and delivering them to families experiencing financial difficulties, temporarily homeless as a result of natural disasters, like flooding, or in other hardship. For families that receive free food packages from FareShare Kitchen to feel comfortable taking the food to work or school, the packaging has been designed to look similar to microwave meals that can be purchased at the supermarket, so that the family does not feel shamed.”

“From the introduction, I also gained an understanding of the fact that so many remote areas in Australia do not have enough fresh food, and microwaves, refrigerators, and ovens are not part of their daily lives because the electricity infrastructure does not support them. As far as I am concerned, there is still a long way to go, and I will continue to provide assistance.”