Australian team supporting climate emergency discussion

Inhabit’s Australian team is strongly supportive of the company’s commitment to addressing the climate emergency. On Tuesday 18th February 2020 Inhabit will hold the fourth event  in the colLab series with the title Net Zero – Declaration to Action. The series aims to encourage conversations, share experiences and contribute towards a better built environment.

This Melbourne event will explore  how engineers and architects can actively support the transition of our economy towards a low carbon future. Clare Parry, of Grün Consulting, an Inhabit company, will lead a panel discussion with David Waldren, National Head of Design at Vicinity Centres, Madeline Sewall of Breathe Architecture, Chris Buntine of Engineers Declare and Danielle Savio, Project Manager at Multiplex. The meeting will be at the office of financial advisor Pitcher Partners who are sponsoring the event with Inhabit.

In the past week Inhabit staff have reached out to their networks on LinkedIn to spread the news about the event:

. Façade Consultant Kiah Crowder-Wyett – “colLab Session 4 incoming on a very important topic.”

. Associate Zamaneh Khoshdel – “We are back with another event of colLabseries! In this event will explore the path forward following the Engineers Declare Australia and Architects Declare Australia pledges. We have great panelists who kindly accepted to join the conversation … Come and join us!

. Façade Consultant Joel Paynter – “Inhabit are proud to help promote the next steps in taking action against climate change. The construction industry has a long way to go and a big task ahead. Come along and see what’s in store.

. Grün Consulting founder and director Clare Parry -“Fixing this mess we find ourselves in needs everyone doing something, not some people doing everything. The system is complex and needs us all. What can the construction industry do? Is Net Zero the answer and can we even achieve it? Let’s collaborate. Come along and join the discussion and let’s get on with doing something. buildbetter

. Group IT & Shared Services Manager Colin Yeung – “Climate Emergency? We believe so. We, as in the senior management, board of directors, engineers and architects of Inhabit globally. It’s become part of core messaging and repositioning our business to meet the challenge across three fronts: Education + Research + Action. But we want to get it right. Engineers & architects HATE being wrong, which is why this is so important for us to start the conversation and start moving in the right direction. We’ll probably make mistakes, we’ll definitely argue the math, the premise, the assessment criteria, the boundary’s of reference. But throughout, 2 highly respected professions – Architects + Engineers, will be focused on using their expertise and experience to decipher solutions that are economic, long term, sustainable and actionable. Now. If you are interested in contributing to the conversation, join us at Pitcher Partners February 18th where we will discuss what our collective efforts can yield.

. Associate Elizabeth White – “Inhabit is actively looking at methods to address low carbon futures. That being said, combined action is undoubtedly a pathway to wield better success. As such we invite you to join us on 18 February 2020 at our upcoming colLab Series Event#4 to explore the transition.”

. Grün Consulting – “Are you joining us this coming Tuesday? Got anything you want us to ask the panellists? buildbetter climateaction demandperformance

.Facade Detailer John Cliffer Dela Cruz, Western Australia Manager Lui Violanti and Communications Advisor Mary Riekert shared the Inhabit post  to their networks.