Australian Property Investor Magazine interviews Lui Violanti

Australian Property Investor Magazine has interviewed Lui Violanti, Regional Manager – Western Australia, about Australia’s property sector and how the pandemic has accelerated the opportunity for developers to collaborate with their global counterparts.

Lui commented:

“I think the government made the right call as far as keeping construction essential. The projects that were put on the backburner were residential complexes and towers, but there has been strong demand for those as we come out of COVID so they are coming back on stream too. There was a bit of concern on the east coast [of Australia], especially in the lockdown states, but I think that the market has adjusted very well post-COVID.”

Lui also commented on the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards for which he is the Australian judge:

“We encompass two thirds of the world’s population within the 14 countries involved in these awards, so the connection and the communication is invaluable.”

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