Auckland team volunteers for Christmas Box

Inhabit’s Auckland team spent last Friday (2nd December 2022) at the Auckland Showgrounds (better known as Santa’s workshop) packing Christmas boxes for families.

Christmas Box is an initiative of Life Community a Not-For-Profit organisation that provides social and education services to try and reverse the poverty cycle. In 2001, Christmas Box started off as a New Zealand initiative and has grown over the years, providing food supplies to families across New Zealand, Australia, and the Cook Islands. Christmas Box works with hundreds of government and community agencies who are in touch with the people most need of support.

The team had a Health and Safety briefing as well as an introduction into the history of the initiative. There were three general rules:
1. Be fussy – Be meticulous in what you are doing. Each item has a place, so the products are proudly displayed and arrive safely.
2. Grace – The warehouse is a hive of activity. Move with grace and look out for one another.
3. Joy – Remember to smile and have fun. Put that joy into the box that you’re packing.

These are great rules to live by and the team had a lot of fun. 40,000 Christmas Boxes were created throughout the week around New Zealand. It was a chance to do something meaningful as a team and meet lots of people.