Colin Yeung Group Information & Technology Manager, Melbourne

Colin is responsible for the delivery and quality of information technology, systems and services across the Group, within traditional marketing as well as digital channels. His responsibilities include the definition of the tactical strategy for these business areas and how it integrates and influences Inhabit’s strategic goals.

With more than 15 years of sales, marketing and operations experience, gained from the retail, automotive and digital industries, Colin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in a strategic advisory capacity and management of Inhabit’s data, branding and business systems. He is focused on ensuring a business driven user experience is delivered to both Inhabit clients and staff at all touch points, one that is measurable, validated and able to be continuously refined and improved.

In addition to offering thought leadership in these areas with the Inhabit team, Colin’s day to day duties include process creation and refinement, management of external suppliers and vendors, business systems reliability, risk identification and management, negotiation and knowledge sharing.